How to Prepare for Your In-Home Newborn Session

Prepping for a Newborn Session

Being a parent, I realize that the early days with a newborn are consumed with all things baby and very little sleep. I want to ensure that my clients and their families have a very relaxing, comfortable and stress free experience. These simple tips really help us all and allow me to capture the best photos.


  • Please try and keep your little one up prior to the shoot and ensure they have a full belly -I suggest feeding them 30 minutes prior.
  • Have a few extra bottles (formula/breast milk).
  • Pacifiers are good for soothing.
  • Dress: Please keep your little one in a diaper and swaddle them with a solid colored blanket.
  • Props: Most photographers usually will bring them, but if you have any items that you would like, or heirloom items you would like to incorporate into the shoot, be sure to discuss with your photographer beforehand.


slpWhat to wear?

This might be better titled, what not to wear. It is best to avoid logos, busy patterns and bold or neon colors. I highly recommend solids and find that grey, black and ivory work well. Moms- a blowout goes a long way! Try to stick to basic neutral colors for manicures as well, and light make-up i.e.: lip-gloss, mascara. For nursing moms, please consider your attire for easy feeding.


Now what?

  • Before the shoot, bump up the heat in your home. The warmer the better for sleepy newborns with full bellies, especially since they will be in a diaper. If you follow the steps above, I usually can begin shooting right away.
  • Remember to eat! Newborn shoots typically last 3 hours, its equally important for parents to be fed. I recommend having some snacks on hand.


Truly the best piece of advice I can offer is to communicate. Each newborn and family is unique. I encourage my clients to ask any questions and communicate their preferences, especially before the shoot. I am always happy to incorporate props, siblings, give wardrobe suggestions- you name it!