Family Photo Time…FOR ME!!??

Being on the other side of the camera is NOT easy!

I had been putting off family photos for years…the right weather, right outfit, feeling or looking my best and I decided to just EFFIN DO IT!

I chose a local/new photographer and decided on a mommy and me session, so I didn’t have to coordinate schedules with the hubster.

Then the planning began..took about a month for me to decide on an outfit. The photographer suggested David’s Bridal for a dress, but since it didn’t support my Bohemian style, off to Free People I went.

The day of the shoot (LAST NIGHT!) I was so nervous. I even contemplated having a glass of wine beforehand to R E L A X.

I got my hair did steamed our outfits, even took Sofia to the park the morning of to ensure a solid nap! I also made sure I did something I always recommend to my clients…I fed her before our shoot!

I did make sure I let the photographer know my goal for the session. I am never in photos…I didn’t need a portrait of Sofia, I just wanted her to capture our relationship now…at this “Mommy I don’t need a nap and I WILL DO it” and fun loving age of 4!

At the shoot, I could have not be more nervous. Geez, do you guys feel that way when I am taking your photo?!

I was nervous for a few reasons. I wanted my child to BEHAVE. I did prep her before hand and let her know how special it was to have photos together and she would help choose the photo and that we would go to Target (not sure why my kid just adores target so much lol) and pick out any frame for her room. She did seem excited before the session. After all she is used to a camera in her face!

The photographer kept referring to the light as the golden hour and I kept thinking witching hour because Sofia’s evening personality was starting to rear its ugly head!

I was also nervous because I was so self conscious during the entire shoot! I kept thinking, hows my hair, do I need to powder my face, how should I smile~teeth or no teeth, am I slouching, relax michele! Why isn’t my kid listening! lol

Just as we started our shoot a cute little bee landed next to Sofia. Sofia had an “incident” with a bee a few weeks ago. Well, she lost it. (Mind you the photographer said she has never had that happen!) It took us some time (I may have threatened no TV or iPad) but she was back. It went quick, she barely listened and I wish I had that glass of vino during the

Needless to say, the photographer was very sweet and did a lovely job. I did learn so much as a photographer and a mom just by being on the other side of the lens.

I am excited to share a sneak peek from our session. I posted a proof image on my instagram page…and PLEASE feel free to follow me on instagram as well!

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xo Michele