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That time of year again…holiday card time!

That time of year again…holiday card time!

And if you decided NOT to hire a professional for your photos this year, here are a few tips I learned along the way.

1. Before the shoot. Invest in a prime lens.. 50mm or 35mm.

2. Plan the location and set the stage before you add in the kids, take a test shot and see if there is anything distracting in the background, like a branch sticking out of someone’s head or a trash can.

3. Take photos when light is best, early morning or late afternoon, before sunset. But keep in mind after a long day of school, kids may not be their happiest for photos (I may have learned this one the hard way!)

3. Dress for success, plan outfits, choose colors that compliment.

4. Props. Bring holiday books, stuffed animals, flowers…this helps keep little ones engaged and their little hands busy.

5. Quality is found in quantity. Shoot away…nothing to lose and hopefully you will find a gem!

6. Speak to your kids from behind the camera. Tell them something funny, share a silly story…and be ready to click. AND no cheese please!

7. Get down at their level and get close. Remember its about your kids, not the background.

8. Bring treats, something to reward happy smiles.

9. All else fails, hire a professional 🙂10629798_872303182781848_2760062539010075059_n

HRP Mama Special Perks Program!!

SUPER EXCITED to be a part of Hudson River Park Mamas Special Perks Program!!

Members of HRP MAMA’s are now eligible for special discounts with local businesses, including Sofia Lynn Photography, click here for more info and a full list of discounts…http://hrpmamas.clubexpress.com/content.aspx?page_id=22&club_id=607793&module_id=149186

If you are not a member and live in the downtown area, HRP Mamas is a wonderful social and support network for mothers who reside in Lower Manhattan. To join check out hrpmama online~http://hrpmamas.clubexpress.com/content.aspx?page_id=22&club_id=607793&module_id=149187png