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5 days old…Meet Joey

At home newborn sessions…all about your love and your sweet little one! 1374818_875889332423233_698228148539326684_n

Lifestyle newborn sessions…in the comfort of your own home :)

As a mother and a newborn photographer, the baby’s safety is always my first priority during a shoot. It breaks my heart when I see photos of newborns that were put in an unsafe pose for the sake of a shot.
After a long struggle with fertility issues and the birth of my daughter, I fully understand what a miracle having a baby truly is. I seriously fight tears during a newborn session, because I love what I do and feel so honored to be a part of such a special time in a family’s life together.

I don’t share much of my personal life online or on Facebook, but I do during my sessions. I always wanted to be a mother since I could remember. My daughter is my life, and I know every mother feels the same. My newborn sessions don’t take place in a studio, they take place in my clients’ homes. I offer lifestyle family photography, with a few posed shots of just the baby. If you choose this style of photography for your session please don’t choose a newborn photographer that isn’t insured, licensed or experienced.

Hiring a budget photographer may mean you get what you paid for in more ways than one. I have spent a lot of time working with other newborn photographers and taking newborn safety classes. I constantly take workshops to improve my art, but safety is number one…not getting the shot. If a client asks for a pose that is out of my comfort level or not my style, I let the client know that I am not the photographer for them. I prefer to be honest and give clients an opportunity to work with someone who fits their style.

Newborn sessions and photography are about the connection with your photographer, especially when it involves welcoming your photographer into your home…connecting with their art, and then who they are, is just as important. Before hiring a newborn photographer, ask for a body of their work, a recent link from a session and ask how long they have been working with newborns. Don’t assume that because a photographer has a few great shots that they can carefully handle newborns and pose your child. If you want to work with a photographer and have a budget…don’t just focus on the budget and compromise your child’s safety. If you value photography and the art behind the work, you understand the cost of experienced photographers.

Just don’t compromise your child’s safety.

There is no love greater than a love for a child…please keep them safe!