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My favorite and most recommended lens…

If you own a dslr camera.…you will love the 50mm lens! Unlike zoom lenses, prime lenses don’t allow you to zoom in or out while taking pictures. You get one viewing distance, and that’s it. This allows for more light into your camera and a greater depth of field.

Its focal length is similar to what your eyes naturally see. The aperture (the numbers on the side of the lens) like F1.8, make a huge difference in your photos…the stock lens that came with your camera will not give you a great depth of field or that burry background in your photos. With a wider aperture on the 50mm, like the 1.8 or 1.4, it  allows for more light, its a faster lens and it gives you that nice blurry  background. They’re ideal for indoor portraits too!

A 50mm f/1.8 lens tends to cost in the $100-200 range.  I love Adorama (same day shipping!) for all my camera gear.

I use my 50mm for all my newborn and family sessions…here is a recent photo using my 50mm during a newborn session.

Order your lens here: Canon or Nikon   *Just be sure to order a lens that has AF, autofocus.

**If you have a cropped sensor, (not a full frame camera) your 50mm lens is equivalent to a 85mm lens. So, if you want the look of a 50mm, a 35mm is a great option too!**