I’m thrilled to offer photo Editing Services!!
Do you have a favorite photo that you want that professional look? Maybe the skin tone is off, colors dull, or you’d like some cloning work done. I’m happy to offer my Photoshop skills to improve your photo.
Photo Editing costs $50 per image.
Here is what I’m able to do on your photo:
Adjust the white balance.
Clean up blemish and scratches.
Eliminate distracting elements.
Color enriching
Black and white conversion
The Details
I prefer to work on photos in RAW format, (You’ll get better results that way) but JPG is acceptable.
If you can, avoid using a flash on your camera.
Send photo in the highest resolution, and unedited.
There are limits to my ability- I can’t add a person to another photo, like a missing family member in a photo, however head-swapping may be possible. I will let you know up front if an edit is possible.