Be IN the photos with your kids!

LOVE. It’s so important to be IN photos with your newborn or children. As a mom (and the fact that I gained 90 pounds during my pregnancy) I didn’t feel my best, nor did I want to be photographed. But I did. Funny thing is, its the only newborn photo I framed. Guess what? My daughter loves the photo and so do I. So, do it for your kids. Be present. Give them the best gift ever…a photo of you two during such a special time. (iPhone photos don’t count lol) I recently heard someone say we live two lives. The life before kids, where its just about us and then our second life, when we become a parent, everything changes and we put our children first.


Document that life.


Document that love.


Be IN photos.


I know its not easy, I am stressing over our family photos tomorrow. I hate being on the other side of the camera. I was secretly hoping for rain, just so I would be able to reschedule. I feel so vulnerable and all I see are my flaws in photos. I kept putting it off for so many reasons…until I lost a few pounds, found the right outfit, etc. Then I realized I can’t expect my clients to be in photos if I wasn’t. I am also doing it for my daughter. She will hopefully look at the photos, just as your kids will and remember how special their relationship is with you, how much they are loved and how beautiful their mama is…thats all. Be in photos for your kids. ANYWAY who wouldn’t want a photo like this?

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